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"Web Prints" works to convert useful websites into printed books.

  • Over the past two decades, thousands of websites and web pages have been lost from the World Wide Web.
  • Many websites, scientific researches, forums, blogs, etc. have been lost for various reasons.
  • Websites need permanent resources, appropriate conditions, and continuous follow-up in order to remain.. and this would not have been available to many of the lost websites..
  • In addition to global research and studies that talk about the possibility of the collapse of the Internet or its demise due to various disasters..
"Web Prints" seeks to produce a printed version in the form of books from websites and useful materials on the Internet, in order to keep them for a longer period of time..and in the hope that it will be better preserved and passed on to the following generations.

Target Websites
  • All websites that provide useful content that can be utilized in its printed form.
  • We target various means of information such as websites, blogs, forums, audio and video clips, social media pages, and others..
  • Scientific research and articles in various sciences such as: Islamic and social research, history, medicine, linguistics, mathematics, natural sciences, and others..
  • Multiple languages, especially Arabic and English.
We do not target originally printed and scanned material, nor material that has been processed to be printed material unless it is royalty-free.

Copyrights and Publication Policy
Terms explain:
“Sources” includes websites and any other type of material converted into books by "Web Prints".
“Active Sources”: includes sources that are still available in their original websites and are updated by who maintain or participate in them.
“Inactive Sources”: includes sources that are not available in their original websites, as well as sources that are available in their original websites but stopped updated.
“Commercial Sources”: includes the textually emptied active sources established for commercial business, or from which those based on them benefit commercially.

Copyrights and Publication Policy:
  • "Web Prints" reserves all rights to its publications, when it is been the author of its through compilation or otherwise; As well as in the case of it makes the full transcription for the source.
  • The intellectual property rights of "Web Prints" Publications belong to their sources, if they were originally protected. While the printing rights remains reserved for "Web Prints".
  • "Web Prints" maintains the information as it is in its sources without any change that affects the content, and works to produce it in a manner suitable for printing and publishing books.
  • "Web Prints" seeks to avoid harming the owners of commercial sources; While it focuses primarily on the following types of sources:
    • Sources established for charitable and non-profit activities.
    • Charitable funded or government funded sources.
    • The sources that fall under the free or commons information.
    • Sources that are not subject to intellectual protection.
    • Sources written by multiple people and anonymously such as forums.
    • Inactive sources.
  • "Web Prints" does not publish books from commercial sources without permission from the owners of these sources.
  • "Web Prints" will continue advertise its versions -but without publishing them- if they belong to sources that have not allow to publishing them.
  • Owners of active sources archived by "Web Prints" can file an objection for that. and their requests will processed through settlement or suspension of publication.
If you are the copyrights holder for a targeted website or material and believe that "Web Prints" has abused or infringed the copyrights to your site, do not hesitate to contact us in order to remedy the matter.

Suggest a Website
  • Gladly, you can submit the websites and others materials, which you are suggest to be converted into printed books by "Web Prints".
  • If you have a website or archived materials and want to convert them into printed books, you can submit them by email.
  • All proposals submitted are considered, but "Web Prints" is unclaimed to accept or release them within a specified time.

Our Publications
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While this website is being developed to display the publications of "Web Prints".
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